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Popular Fort Collins Colorado Attractions

Spending a day or two in Fort Collins is often easy to fill up with funs things to see and do. Fort Collins offers an opportunity to spend a morning admiring their unique zoo-full of metal sculptures, or an afternoon going on a tour of the brewery. Some popular attractions at night include live music at their famous open-air amphitheater. With a busy arts scene and craft culture, along with a beautiful mixture of outdoor-recreation opportunities along with a lot more, Fort Collins offers something for people of all ages.

1. Craft Beer

The craft-beer industry in Fort Collins is unique. This city produces 70% of the craft beers that are produced in Colorado. This city is also a home to many of the microbreweries in this state, which includes over 20-craft breweries. This is inclusive of the New Belgium Brewing, which is known as large operation and one of the leaders in sustainable and eco-friendly business practices.

There are many Fort Collins breweries situated close to the historic downtown that incudes the Odell Brewing Company that are all in bicycling and walking distance, which offers an opportunity to explore them all in just one trip. If you are a beer lover, you can also take advantage of the guided tours which offer transportation between the breweries.

2. Bicycling Culture

Riding bicycles is one of the best ways to experience Fort Collins. The terrain which is reasonably flat, offer wide-bike lanes, along with multiple trails that include Spring Creek and Cache la Poudre River. This city invites you to use a bicycle to get around Old Town or a trip to one out of the 20-plus breweries. You are guaranteed that you will probably see a lot more bicycles compared to cars on their roads.

3. Outdoor Activities

Fort Collins is rated favorably on the lists for the towns that offer outstanding outdoor activities. Regardless of whether you are only visiting for a day or even a week, it is close to impossible that you will able to explore and view all the streams, lakes or trails that surround the mountains and foothills. Fishing, biking, camping, canoeing, hiking, camping and riding horse and more, Fort Collins really has it all when it comes to recreation outdoors. All the activities on offer include exploring the open spaces are highly encouraged when you visit Fort Collins, which is also the host to the National Forests, Horesetooth Reservoir and the Cache la Poudre River.

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